Presh Onyee

Product Designer

Nigerian based UX/Product Designer, currently looking for new opportunities.

Most recently, I worked on Crew Management and Operations platform at Waavely, an independent project for AB Offshore

Previously, I worked at a startup ISWAG an online platform bridging local communities and businesses in Nigeria, Western Africa. I led the User Experience Design of the product from the ground up.

Selected works

Streamlining Crew Management Operations In The Nigerian Maritime Industry.

Waavely, 2018 - 2019

Building the platform and tools for a double-sided marketplace designed to serve 10,000+ personnel and 1,000+ shipping companies in over 20 cities in Nigeria.

Case study

Bridging Local Communities and Businesses in Nigeria, Western Africa.

ISWAG, 2017 - 2018

Building the tools and system to connect locals closer and to businesses in their communities with the aim of solving 3 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Case study

Redesigning The Sign-up Experience of The NCWIT Website.

NCWIT, 2017 (unsolicited)

To improve my problem spotting and problem solving skills, and with the help of a fellow designer, I attempt to improve the sign-up experience of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) website.

Case study


I love to write. I have a personal blog where I share random thoughts on Product Design, Engineering and Observing Life. It's the perfect way I share my ideas, stories, and messy processes. Here are a few of my writings;

👉🏽Communicating the value of UX Design
👉🏽User research, validating an idea and questioning everything 👉🏽On effective collaborations and better brainstorming 👉🏽What 1 year of being an early employee at a newly formed startup really looked like


Experiments are a space for me to expound on my thoughts and make my ideas tangible. Every year, I experiment with a few of my ideas and turn them into cool side projects. These are some I'm proud of.

Improving on the current experiences of meal planning apps

Simply Meals, 2019 Q2

Where do current solutions for meal planning fall short and how can they be improved really?

Case study

Rethinking The Traditional Model of Campus Events Photography.

Events Uniport, 2017 Q1

What's in an idea? Going against the norm with a light-weight and flexible social media-ish pop-up photography boot. What stories do I have to tell after an 11-hours experience?

Case study